Qatar Law Forum


This page relates to the Forum in May 2012. For other events visit the Documents page.

You can download the Final programme here

The subject matter of the Forum, as in 2009, is global commitment to the Rule of Law, together with allied issues of international legal and economic significance. 
The 2012 programme focuses on change in the Middle East and on the world’s current financial challenges. As the Forum will take place in the Middle East, issues will be addressed at a global level and in an Islamic context. Topics will include:

  • Achieving global understanding of the Rule of Law;
  • Change in the Arab world and the Rule of Law;
  • The role of ethics and law in finance:
  • Corruption and development;
  • International courts;
  • Free communication in times of change.
  • International dispute resolution;
  • International sport and the law;
  • Judicial training and legal professionalism.
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