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Former Dialtone CEO Produces Movie

August 18, 2004 Alavaro Albaraccin, founder and former CEO of Web hosting provider Dialtone Internet, has fulfilled his dream of becoming a movie producer, as his entertainment company MiamiLA Entertainment is set to release for Rent. for Rent is a romantic comedy about a Columbian student Sofia, played by Angie Cepeda, who is struggling with immigration issues in Los Angeles.

believe for Rent is one of the first Latin to US crossover films to count with such a varied cast and aimed to a wide audience that is craving for new Hispanic exposure in film, says Albarracin. have already been accepted and are evaluating many film festivals that show that the industry is hungry for this type of films, produced in English and with Latin elements to it and an easy film to market. We are still considering distribution proposals at this time, even though the film is in post production.

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